Our Easter activity camps have been a great success so far down at The Leisure Box! The camp includes fun and safe activities with our trained staff, including: Clip ‘n Climb, multi-sports, football (indoor 4G pitch and indoor sports hall), arts and crafts and much more!

Chanelle McManus is the Football Development Officer at Burnley FC In The Community. She also runs the activity camps at the different facilities. Chanelle affirmed the great result that the camps have achieved.

‘We have sold out our Easter camp with 60 children attending each day throughout the two weeks. The children get to join in on so many different sports and activities, including clip and climb, football, dancing, table tennis and much more.’ 

Luckily for many, our activity camps run through term time, so we always have one on offer. The most popular ones do tend to be in both Easter and Summer.

‘The best part is seeing the place buzzing, filled with lots of children of all ages from 5-12 enjoying their day with us. We have activity camps running every school holiday and have now just released the booking forms for the May holidays. Which will be followed by an action packed six weeks of summer holidays, stated Chanelle.

For more information on how you can book your child onto our action packed six-week adventure, please visit https://bit.ly/3vc9BIL to book


Here at The Leisure Box, we offer a variety of playing surfaces for the local community. This includes our two full size, state of the art cricket lanes which are available for all budding batters and bowlers.

Following feedback from members who use the cricket lanes, we have now decided to have enhance our cricket surface, which will allow users to enjoy their cricket experience with our beneficial upgrades!

Improvements will be made to the bowling surface, which will grant cricket bowls the leverage to bounce effectively and provide a more realistic feel to your cricket game.

The Leisure Box team will also be introducing a bowling machine, which will provide the opportunity to tailor both the speed and distance of the bowls which are delivered.

It is imperative that the local community are given the opportunity to play sports which they enjoy most to the best of their ability, and we believe with these improvements, they will be given the opportunity to do so. 😊

Please keep an eye out for further updates regarding our cricket lanes and playing surfaces by following our social pages, @theleisurebox on both Instagram and Twitter, and The Leisure Box on Facebook.